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Every year, over 35 million people choose to visit Canada to enjoy the many opportunities which Canada has to offer, including visiting family and friends.

Effective 31 July 2018, you may need to give your fingerprints and photos (biometrics) at a Visa Application Centre when you apply for a visitor visa, study or work permit, or permanent residence if you are a national of a country or territory in Europe, the Middle East or Africa, or if you are a national of a country that is already biometrics required. Visit for more information.

Please Click Here to verify if you are required to enrol biometrics.

If you wish to visit Canada, you must first find out if you need a visitor (temporary resident) visa.

Visit as a tourist

You may visit Canada as a tourist to enjoy the many opportunities the country has to offer, including visiting family and friends.

Visit your children or grandchildren

If you are the parents and/or grandparents of citizens of Canada and permanent residents, you can apply for the Parent and Grandparent Super Visa to visit Canada for up to two years without the need to renew your status.

Visit on business

You may visit Canada on business to look for investment opportunities, or to advance existing business relationships.

Extend your stay

You are required to apply before your status expires. Please visit: extend your stay in Canada.

Travel through Canada without visiting

If you belong to a country or territory whose citizens require a visa to enter Canada you will need a transit visa if you plan to travel through Canada without stopping or visiting. However, if you are travelling to or from the United States, you may not require a transit visa. There is no fee for a transit visa. For further details please see Transit through Canada without a Visa Program.

Important Notice:

The Visa Application Centre (VAC) only provides general information and administrative services related to temporary resident applications, including study and work permits, as well as travel documents for permanent residents of Canada. The VAC is not authorized to provide any information, or respond to any inquiries, regarding permanent resident applications and Canadian consular services. This includes Express Entry for skilled immigrants, online application support, Canadian citizenship and any specific information about the visa application forms, the supporting documents or any advice related to the visa application process. Please visit Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s website at for more information on these programs.

Carry proper identification

Please ensure you carry proper identification for yourself and any children travelling with you. Some people may not require a visa to enter Canada, but may need specific documentation to return to their home country. Visit the Canada Border Services Agency website for more information.

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