Additional Services

VFS Global offers a wide range of services designed to provide you a smooth and seamless visa submission experience.

Please note, the additional services are optional, and carry an extra charge over and above the VFS Global Service Charges. The fees need to be paid in cash at the visa application centre if you are submitting application or passport in person or through an authorized representative. If you are submitting Mail in application, the fees can only be paid via Bank deposit in the bank account as mentioned on Service and Service Charges Schedule.

Mode of Payment of VFS Global fees: in Chinese Yuan (CNY) only

A formal receipt in a form of an Invoice Cum Receipt (ICR) will be generated for every completed transaction.

Collection of Government of Canada Fees (per Applicant)


Pay at the Visa Application Centre - For applicants who are unable to make online payments, VFS Global offers an additional service where applicant can pay cash at the Visa Application Centre for Government of Canada Fee and/or Biometric Fee payment.

Assisted Service – Online Forms (per form)


The Canada Visa Application Centre staff will transcribe the Applicant’s responses when performing the data entry for completion of the online forms using only the information provided by the Applicant.

Assisted Service – Paper Applications (per application)


The Canada Visa Application Centre staff will assist the Applicant to fill out the Paper Application in case they have not already completed it. The Applicant will be required to complete a Visa Application Centre services consent form and pay the VAS service fee for Assisted Services for Paper Applications.

Assisted Service – Scanning (per page)


The Canada Visa Application Centre staff will scan paper documents provided by the Applicant into a format that meets the requirements of the Client Authority.

Self-service Workstation (per hour)


Applicant will be able to use the Visa Application Centre Self-service Workstation to:

  • Fill out paper application form
  • Modify application form
  • Fill-in online application form
  • Scan documents

Applicants intending to use the self-service workstation at the VAC are requested to carry their own USB/pen drives.

Please Note: The wait time at the self-assisted workstation will depend on the number of visitors for the day.

Please ensure you take your USB/pen drive back with you after the appointment, as it may contain important information. As per IRCC's guidelines, we are not permitted to retain any Personally Identifiable Information. If a device is left behind, a notification will be sent to you. If we do not receive a revert in two days, the device will be destroyed.

One-Way Courier Service (per package)


Once a decision has been made on your visa application, the processed visa and documents can be returned to your preferred location via courier.

Premium Lounge (per Applicant)


Canada visa applicants can sit back, relax, and submit their visa applications from the comfort of a plush lounge, while trained professionals provide end-to-end personalized assistance during the visa submission process. Consent form

The Premium Lounge includes:

  • Separate lounge with personalized service by dedicated staff
  • Refreshments
  • Courier return of passport
  • SMS alert on the status of your application
  • Photocopying service for your documents (ten pages)

Photocopy Services (per page)


You may require photocopies of recommended supporting documentation. VFS Global can take copies for you at the Visa Application Centre.

SMS Services (per Applicant)


This revolutionary SMS service, once purchased, will launch an automated confirmation feedback message to your registered mobile number, at various stages of the visa application process.

Photography Services (per Applicant)


Applicants using this service can have their photograph taken at the visa application centre. This will ensure that the photograph meets the required specifications.

Printing Services (per Page)


You may require printing of recommended supporting documentation. VFS Global can print them for you at the Visa Application Centre.