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Prepare Your Application

Read the complete information on visa/permit requirements on the IRCC website and download the appropriate application forms, application checklist and guidance instructions relevant to the purpose of your visit.

Please refer to the “Visa Types” page to obtain details on visas/permits, and please access “How to Apply” page to obtain complete application instructions.

Please note that it is mandatory to submit a duly completed and signed TT Services Consent Form along with your application

Effective 31 July 2018, nationals of Europe, the Middle East, Africa, or any other country that requires biometric enrolment, who are applying for a visitor visa, study or work permit, or permanent residence, may be required to enroll biometrics and submit photographs at the Visa Application Centre. To verify if you are required to enroll biometrics, please click here.

Temporary Resident Visa

Below link is provided for ease of reference:

Study Permit

Work Permit

Permanent Resident Travel Document