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SMS notifications: The Applicant will get SMS Notification of their application dispatch and arrival of decision at CVAC if the SMS optional Value added service is availed at the time of application lodgment.

Email Notification: The Applicants will get Email Notification of their application dispatch and arrival status of the decision at CVAC to their email address given in the application form at the time of application lodgment.

For Study and Work Permit application: Applicants are required to resubmit their original passport at CVAC after getting the instruction from IRCC Singapore to complete their medical test from IRCC prescribed medical center (if required ) and instructed by IRCC to resubmit the original passports at CVAC. The printed copy of the request letter by IRCC needs to be provided at the time of passport resubmission at CVAC.

Please provide the Original invoice cum receipt (ICR) at the time of passport resubmission, additional documents submission and passport/documents collection from CVAC.

Important: If you do not collect your decision within 30 days from the date of arrival at CVAC, it will be returned to the High Commission of Canada in Turkey.