Service and Service Charge Schedule

Services and Service Charge Schedule with effect from 02 November 2018

  Service charge (mandatory) VFS Global service charge for the handling of your application.
$ 121.40 355.00 PLN
If you need to give your biometrics and submit your application, your biometric fee (CAD $85) covers the above service charge. $ 85 250 PLN
B OPTIONAL SERVICE CHARGES (price per applicant passport) Description CAD $ ZłotyPLN
  Delivery service Collection at the counter in our Warsaw office
If you wish to collect your passport in per
son at the counter. Please bring a photo ID proof and submission receipts (if applicable)
$0.00 0.00 PLN
Destination: Poland
Provision of a secured courier delivery envelope to send you back your passport. One envelope must be paid for each passport.
$ 34.03 99.00 PLN
Passport Transmission Transmission of passport to the Embassy of Canada once you receive their letter requesting your passport. $ 97.12 284.00 PLN
If you submit your application and gave your biometrics at our CVAC in Warsaw, your biometric fee (250 PLN) covers the passport transmission service charge. $ 0.00 0.00 PLN
Photo Booth (in CVAC only) Take photos required for your visa application in our dedicated photo booth (price per applicant). $ 9.20 26.00 PLN
Photocopy Service (in CVAC only) Make photocopies of documents required for your visa application (price per page). $ 0.19 0.50 PLN
Form Filling (in CVAC only) Use of our dedicated self-service computer terminal to complete your visa application form (price per applicant). $12.16 35.00 PLN
Assisted Form Filling (in CVAC only) Complete your visa application form with full assistance from a CVAC staff member (price per applicant). $ 24.31 71.00 PLN
SMS-email service Receive an automated SMS and email at every new stage of your visa application.. You will be notified when the application process is complete.
$ 2.50 7.00 PLN

Methods of Payment of Service Charges

In-Person at the CVAC in Warsaw:

  • Cash
  • Credit Card / Debit Card

By Post:

  • Bank transfer

If sending your application by post, please do not forget to enclose the courier service charge to have your passport sent back to you by secure courier.Please refer to the above Service Charge Chart for details.

VFS Service Global Charge can only be paid via Bank transfer in favour of “VFS Global Poland Sp. z o.o.” and fees must be in Polish Złoty.

IMPORTANT VISA FEE PAYMENT INFORMATION : Since 20 November 2017, applicants can no longer pay the visa fees at the VAC. Visa processing fees can only be paid online and applicants must provide proof of online payment when submitting their application at the VAC. For instructions on how to pay your fees online, please visit:

Please see below Bank details for Bank transfer.

Bank Account Details –

VFS Global Poland Sp. z o.o.
Al. Jana Pawła II 23
00-854 Warszawa

IBAN Number – PL75103015080000000817777007

Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A.
ul. Senatorska 16
00-923 Warszawa