Service and Service Charge Schedule

Service Charges for Application Processing:

“Services and Service Charge Schedule with effect from 02 November 2017”

Service Charge for Application Processing  $  42.36  3431.00

Service Charges for Additional Services:

VALUE ADDED SERVICE (price per applicant passport) CAD (INCLUDING VAT) NPR * (**) (INCLUDING VAT)
Self Service form filling at computer terminal. (For filling of “Online Form”)  $2. 32  188.00
Assisted Service form filling Assisted Data Entry Service (For filling of “Online Form”)  $3. 48  282.00
Photocopy Services Per Page  $0.06  5.00
Photography Services (4 Photos)  $2. 96  240.00
SMS notifications  $1.00 81.00
Passport Transmission Service  $ 33.89  2745.00
Printing Services (Per Page)  $0. 36  29.00

*VFS Processing Charges in Nepal should be in favor of "VF Services (Mauritius) Pte. Ltd” & have to be payable in Kathmandu, Nepal. Demand Drafts are the only acceptable mode for payment in Nepal.

Note: Any demand draft having contradicting MICR number & DD number or incorrect information shall not be acceptable.

**The exchange rate of CAD is governed by the Canadian Government.

How to make payment of Government of Canada fees.

Pay Government of Canada Visa fees as per instruction on the Canadian Visa Office website

All the charges including Visa Fee are non refundable.