Customer Experience

Customer Experience Feedback

“You Come First”

At VFS Global, we are committed to delivering world class services to our customers.

We stand for reliability, quality and trust as hallmarks of our organisation & brand.

Our motto is:

  • To ensure seamless & professional engagement with our customers
  • To value every feedback and ensure adequate resolution of concerns
  • Delight our customers


Positive Feedback is important for us. We Strive for It.

It encourages us to build a stronger business and improve our performance levels.

At VFS Global, we set very high standards and it’s you, our valued customer that we want to make happy.

What we do well and what we can do better in future should come from you.

Your gesture is important. Your appreciation is valued. Keep sharing it !!

To share your views / feedback on our staff & service, please visit link


For us, constructive, real feedback is imperative.

We want to hear what you genuinely feel about our service.

Our thoughtfully designed ‘Complaints redressal mechanism’ aims to efficiently & effectively deal with all complaints fairly, promptly, and most importantly, in a timely manner to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

While writing a compliant, please share the following:

  • Name and contact details
  • A clear description of your complaint (E.g name, date, place, names of the personnel dealt with and other relevant background)
  • Type of application and associated reference number(s)

Visit link to provide your feedback.

Follow 3 simple steps:

  • Enter your application reference number and select the city of Visa Application.
  • Select the appropriate reason for your unpleasant experience
  • Add any additional comments in the ‘Suggestion’ column