Service and Service Charge Schedule

Service Charges for Application Handling:

Services Amount in C$ (Including VAT) Amount in XOF (Including VAT)
Service Charge for Application Handling — Price per Applicant* $108.85 48,000.00

* Note: If you need to provide your biometrics, the biometric fee of $85 CAD covers the CVAC service charge for application handling. Service charges for additional services are not covered.

Service Charges for Additional Services:

Service Amount in C$ (Including VAT) Amount in XOF (Including VAT)
Self Service computer terminal for form filling — Price per Applicant $8.52 3,500.00
Assistance with filling in forms on self-service computer terminals — Price per Applicant $18.25 8,000.00
Photocopy Services — Price per Page $0.18 75.00
Printing of application documents at CVAC Price per Page $0.36 150.00
SMS service $2.00 1,000.00
Secure transmission of passport to the Embassy of Canada in Senegal, upon request by visa office (for example, electronic application) — Price per Passport $87.08 38,500.00
GC Fee Collection & Remittance "per Applicant $4.13 2,000.00

Methods of Payment

Visa fees payment instructions:

Please follow the instructions detailed on this page. Click here.

Additionally, from 01 March 2018, you have the option to pay the Visa Fees in the below bank account:

  • Banque de Développement du Mali BDM-SA
    Avenue Modibo Kéita
    BP 94 Bamako, Mali
    TEL : (+223) 20 22 20 50 22/20 22 53 36 

    FAX : (+223) 20 22 50 85/20 22 42 50
    IOM Bank Account Number: 43402028262-88

  • In-mail applications - The Canadian Embassy and IOM do not accept wire transfers.
  • List of types of payment accepted at the CVAC for Service Charges : Cash only

In case you decide to pay the Visa fee into the BDM account, you will need to pay the additional fee. Please refer to the table above: GC Fee Collection & Remittance per applicant.

Service fees bank deposit instructions:

Please deposit all the needed CVAC Service fees in the following bank account:

BDM bank - IOM Bank Account Number: 43402028262-88