Service and Service Charge Schedule

Effective from 19 February 2018 .

Service Charges for Application Handling:

SERVICE (PRICE PER APPLICANT) Amount in C$ (Including VAT) Amount in Euros (Including VAT)
Service Charge for Application Handling $46.80 €30.40

* Note: If you need to provide your biometrics, the biometric fee will cover the CVAC service charge for application handling. Service charges for additional services listed below are not covered.

Service Charges for Additional Services:

SERVICE (PRICE PER APPLICANT PASSPORT) Amount in C$ (Including VAT) Amount in Euros (Including VAT)
Self Service computer terminal for form filling $ 8.52 € 5.55
Assistance with filling in forms on self se vice computer terminals $ 18.25 € 11.85
Photocopy Services — Price per Page $ 0.18 € 0.10
Printing of application documents at CVAC Price per Page $ 0.36 € 0.25
Secure transmission of passport to the Embassy of Canada in Ital, upon request by visa office (for example, electronic application) $ 37.44 € 24.35
Courier "per Passport" Rest of Italy (excluding small islands) $ 12.25 € 7.95
Courier "per Passport" Small Islands $ 44.53 € 28.95

Please be informed that courier service is offered only throughout Italy. Abroad shipments need to be arranged by applicant through a trustworthy local courier.

Methods of Payment

Payment Instructions for CVAC Service Charges:

In Person-

Cash or Bank deposit
The IOM service fee can be paid at the CVAC in cash or through a bank deposit to the following account:

International Organization for Migration – Liaison Mission in Italy

Intesa San Paolo, Agenzia no. 14

Corso Trieste 27/C – 00189 Roma

IBAN IT25X0306903219100000560002


By Post/Courier

Bank deposit
The IOM service fee can be paid only through a bank deposit in case visa applications are sent by post, to the account above.

Please remember to attach the bank draft payment receipt to your application.

In Person  The IOM Service fee and value added can be paid cash, when submitting applications in person

Please note: Debit or Credit cards are not accepted at CVAC to pay Service Charge fee or Additional Service fees

Payment instructions for Visa Fees

Pay Government of Canada Visa fees as per instructions in Pay Your Fees section on the IRCC website.