Services and Service Fee List

Services and Service fee list
(effective 2 November 2017)

Service fee list for Application Handling:

SERVICE (PRICE PER APPLICANT) Amount in C$ (Including VAT 20%) Amount in UAH (Including VAT 20%)
Service Charge for Application Handling – Price per Applicant
Note: If you need to give your biometrics, your biometric fee $ 85 covers this service charge.
$ 37.33 746.00 UAH

The Passport Transmission Service Charge to transmit your passport after you receive a letter from IRCC requesting your passport is 657.00 UAH. To order the Return Courier Delivery Service, you will need to pay 336.00 UAH per passport (application).

If you need to provide your biometrics, the biometric fee of CAD $85 covers the CVAC service charge for application handling. Service charges for additional services are not covered.

Service fee list for Additional Services:

SERVICE (PRICE PER APPLICANT PASSPORT) Amount in C$ (Including VAT 20%) Amount in UAH (Including VAT 20%)
Courier Delivery of Passports to Applicant, upon receipt from Visa Office
$ 16.81 336.00 UAH
Secure transmission of passport to the Embassy of Canada in Ukraine upon request by the Visa Office (for example, electronic application) $ 32.89 657.00 UAH
Photography Services Take photos required for your visa application in our dedicated photo booth $ 9.51 190.00 UAH
Photocopy Service Make photocopies of documents required for your visa application (price per page). $ 0.12 2.50 UAH
Assistance with filling in forms on self-service computer terminals
Complete your visa application form with full assistance from a CVAC staff member
$ 17.39 347.00 UAH
Self Service computer terminal for form filling
Use of our dedicated self-service computer terminal to complete your visa application form
$ 6.96 139.00 UAH
SMS notifications
Receive an automated SMS at every new stage of your visa application. You will be notified when the application process is complete.
$ 2.00 40.00 UAH
GC Fee Collection & Remittance
If you are paying the visa fees at CVAC cashier desk or to CVAC bank account, please be sure to include this payment along with your visa fee and service charges payments
$ 3.78 75.00 UAH

Please be informed that for all applications submitted at the VAC from the designated effect date, revised charges shall be applicable. The submission date for Mail-in applications will be the date on which the VAC receives the application. In case any application is received by the VAC with the outdated charges, the applications will be returned to the applicant or the applicant will be contacted to pay the discrepancy.

Methods of Payment

  • Payment Instructions for CVAC Service Charges:

    • In person/by a representative: Service charge payments for applications submitted at the CVAC can be made in cash or by a banking card in national currency including 20% VAT at the CVAC cashier desk.
    • By Mail: Applicant can pay for the service fees at any branch of Kredobank The applicant must ensure that all the information mentioned below is stated accurately at the bank counter to make payment for the service charges:

      • Company name - VF Consulting Services LLC
      • Company reg. number – 34796531
      • Company address –1A Sportyvna square, “Gulliver” Centre, 8th floor, Kiev, 01001, Ukraine
      • Bank name – Kredobank
      • Account number – 26009031004161
      • Sort code – 325365
      • Payment designation: " consultancy service charge for Canadian visa processing of “First Name” “Last Name” “Passport No.” (For example: John Smith AA 000000)"
    List of types of payment accepted at the CVAC for Service Charges: We accept payments only in cash or by banking cards in national currency. Kindly note that we will not accept personal or company cheques.
  • Payment Instructions for Visa Fees:

    IMPORTANT VISA FEE PAYMENT INFORMATION: Since 11 June 2018, applicants can no longer pay the visa fees at the VAC. Visa processing fees can only be paid online and applicants must provide proof of online payment when submitting their application at the VAC. For instructions on how to pay your fees online, please visit:

    Please note that once you have paid visa fees online print the receipt for the visa fee and present it during submission of application at the VAC.