Service and Service Charge Schedule

Service Charges effective 02 November 2018.

Important Note:

  • If you need to provide your biometrics, the biometric fee of CAD $85 (per person) / CAD $170 (for a family of 2 or more) / CAD $255 (for a group of performing artists of 3 or more) covers the CVAC service charge for Package Transmission, with the exception of the following instances:

    • For any subsequent submissions of passport and/or documents after the initial package transmission, applicants will be required to pay the Package Transmission fee every time this request is made through the VAC.
    • Applicants who submit their passport or documents at a different VAC from the one where they initially provided their biometrics, the Package Transmission fees will apply.
  • If no package is transmitted at the time of biometric enrolment (when the application has been submitted online), the initial package transmission is included in the fee of CAD $85 for biometric enrolment and package transmission.
  • All applicants who are submitting paper applications (with or without biometrics) will need to pay the Assisted Service – Paper Application fee
  • If you do not need to provide biometrics and you are submitting your passport, documents, or both at the VAC, the Package Transmission fee will apply.

Service charges for services offered by the VAC:

SERVICE PRICE (PER APPLICANT) Amount in CAD (Including VAT) Amount in TWD (Including VAT)
Package transmission (per package) $58.00 1450.00
Assisted Service – Paper Applications ( per application) $9.86 247.00
Assisted Service – Online Forms (per form) $4.00 100.00
Assisted Service – Scanning (per page) $0.64 16.00
Self Service Workstation (per hour) $4.56 114.00
One-Way Courier Service (per package) $9.01 225.00
Two-Way Courier Service(only "Document" be accepted for pick-up service’) (per package) $16.33 408.00
Photocopying (per page) $0.47 12.00
Printing (per page) $0.47 12.00
International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) compliant Photography $7.88 197.00
Short Message Service (SMS) (per Applicant) $2.50 63.00
Locker Services $0.85 21.00

For complete details on the Additional Services offered at the CVAC please click here

Applicants intending to use the self-service workstation at the VAC are requested to carry their own USB/pen drives.

Please Note: The wait time at the self-assisted workstation will depend on the number of visitors for the day.

Please ensure you take your USB/pen drive back with you after the appointment, as it may contain important information. As per IRCC's guidelines, we are not permitted to retain any Personally Identifiable Information. If a device is left behind, a notification will be sent to you. If we do not receive a revert in two days, the device will be destroyed.

It is mandatory for the Government of Canada fee to be paid online.

How to pay Government of Canada Fee

How to pay Canada Visa Application Centre service charges and optional service charges:

  • For applications being submitted in person or through an authorized representative, the charge must be paid in cash at the Canada Visa Application Centre in Taiwan Dollar (TWD).
  • If you are submitting Mail in application Canada Visa Application Centre, service charges must be paid via bank transfer to VAC designated bank account followed by the information below:

Name of Bank: China Trust Commercial Bank Dun Nan Branch (822)
Bank Account Number: 163 540 260 506       
Account Holder Name: 台灣威孚有限公司

Payment should be in Taiwan Dollar (TWD) and in exact amount only.