Service and Service Charge Schedule

Services and Service Charge Schedule with effect from 02 November, 2017

Service Charges for Application Processing:

Core Services Amount in C$ (Including VAT) Amount in Bulgarian Lev (Including VAT)
Service Charge for Application Processing Per Applicant* $ 110.07 156.35 BGN

* Note: If you need to provide your biometrics, the biometric fee of $85 CAD covers the CVAC service charge for application handling. Service charges for additional services are not covered.

Service Charges for Additional Services:

Value Added Service Amount in C$ (Including VAT) Amount in Bulgarian Lev (Including VAT)
Self Service form filling at computer terminal. Price Per Applicant $ 8.52 12.10 BGN
Assisted Service form filling Price Per Applicant $ 18.25 25.90 BGN
Photocopy Services Per Page $ 0.18 0.25 BGN
Printing Service per page $ 0.36 0.50 BGN
Passport Transmission services per passport $ 88.05 125.05 BGN
Courier delivery of applications to applicant upon receipt from visa office (in-country) – Price per Applicant $ 6.12 8.70 BGN

Methods of Payment of Service Charges

Important: The bank account of the CVAC has been recently changed. If you are sending your application over mail-in method of submission, please use the bank details listed below. Kindly note that we will stop to receive payments in the old bank account starting from Monday, 11 December 2017.

Payment Instructions for CVAC Service Charges:

When submitting your application in person - payment must be made in cash in Leva at the Canada Visa Application Centre (CVAC).

For mail-in applications – payment should be deposited to the following bank account:

  • IBAN: BG64TTBB94001527832848
  • Recipient: International Organization for Migration

In the “reason for payment field” please enter the service/s you are paying for.

Please do not deposit the visa fee into the account provided above For instructions on how to pay the visa fees, visit the website of the Canadian Visa Office.