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Service and Service Charge Schedule

Services and Service Charge Schedule with effect from 02 November 2018.

Government of Canada (GC) fee (Visa/Permit fee and/or Biometric fee) shall be paid through the IRCC online portal. Canada Visa Application Centre (CVAC) service fees will be paid via Mpesa while submitting applications.

Please check the IRCC fee list to confirm how much you need to pay for your visa application

Check and confirm if you need biometrics

VAC Service Charges for Application Handling:

SERVICES (PRICE PER APPLICANT) Amount in C$ (Including VAT) Amount in Kenya Shillings – KES(Including VAT)
Service Charge for Application Processing $41.57 KES 3220.00

* Note: If you need to provide your biometrics, the biometric fee of $85 CAD covers the CVAC service charge for application handling. Service charges for additional services are not covered.

Service Charges for Additional Services:

SERVICE (PER APPLICANT PASSPORT) Amount in C$ (Including VAT) Amount in Kenya Shillings – KES (Including VAT)
Self Service form filling at computer terminal. $4.78 KES 370.00
Assisted Service form filling $8.36 KES 645.00
Passport Transmission Service $33.26 KES 2575.00
Photocopy Services Per Page $0.08 KES 5.00 per copy
Photography Services $8.05 KES 620.00 for 4 photographs

The Visa office exchange rate is different from the market rate. We request all sending our fees in CAD to ensure that we eventually receive an amount of the equivalent in Kenya shillings only.

Methods of Payment -

  • Applications submitted In Person / Use of representative:

    If you submit your application in person or by use of representative, you shall make a single payment of both the visa fees and the CVAC service charges (including the GC Fees collection fee) at the application center via Mpesa Paybill Number that will be provided at the Visa Application Center.
  • Applications submitted By Mail / Courier:

    If you send your application by mail or courier, you will need to deposit the visa fees and CVAC service charges (including the GC Fees Collection fee) in a single payment to our bank account and submit the bank draft with the application. If you are outside Kenya, you will pay both fees through a swift transfer of the funds to our account and submit your bank draft with the application.. The cost of the transfer will be borne by the applicant. Our bank details are as follows:
VFS Global Kenya limited account details
Account name: VFS (Kenya) Limited- Canada Holdings
Country: Kenya
Currency: Kenya Shilling
Bank Name: Barclays Bank
Branch: Barclays Plaza
Street: Loita Street - Nairobi
Bank Account No. 2037342214
IBAN No. 2037342214
Chips UID/Sort code: 03
Correspondence bank account details
Corr. Bank Name: Barclays New York
Town / Street: New York
Country: USA